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New References (April 1, 2003)

I had hoped to send these important references earlier, but this morning the MSN connection was as slow as an ankylosaur with a hangover....

Nokitoff, U. (2003) A new genus of longisquamid from Kazbaristan, and new thoughts on defense strategies of the Longisquamidae. Siberian J.
Paleontol. 88: 4-20.

"The new longisquamid _Ralphisquama vomitiferum_ is based on a single specimen from the Krud Formation in southwest Bazookistan, central Asia. The specimen was found encased in a fossilized pool of regurgitated organic matter presumably released by a distressed dinosaur. We speculate that _Ralphisquama_ was eaten by a dinosaur, but the feathery plume tickled the dinosaur's throat when swallowed, compelling the dinosaur to bring forth the prey - along with the rest of its stomach contents. We advance this as a novel strategy for digestion evasion in longisquamids. Alas, this _Ralphisquama_ died soon after its gastric liberation: either the stomach contents killed it, or the dinosaur trod on the little creature out of spite."

Bonkers, R.U. (2003). A new tyrannosaurid from North America, with comments on tyrannosaurid behavior. J. Egreg. Sci. 1: 62-78.

"The new tyrannosaurid _Scabbisaurus flaccus_ is described. We posit that this heavily-built, short-armed, big-headed carnivore forlornly wandered its Late Cretaceous habitat, waiting for large sauropods to drop dead in front of it. When confronted with a sauropod corpse, this tyrannosaurid proceeded to bury its head in the vent of the corpse, and gobble the viscera within. I advance this behavior as the epitome of tyrannosaurid evolution."

Duck, D. (2003). Secondarily flightless pterosaur from the Cretaceous of Madagascar. Against Nature 67: 23-27.

"Here we report the discovery of a flightless pterosaur, _Dododactylus corpulentum_. The body is too heavy, the head too large, and the forelimbs too short to sustain active flight. The single specimen of this taxon was preserved in two dimensions, inside the footprint of a large sauropod."

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