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New Reference (April 01): Oldest Tyrannosaur

The author was kind enough to send me the following paper:
>From the abstract:
"The theropod dinosaur Daspletosaurus has previously only been recognized
from Cretaceous sediments in North America. However, a new specimen from the
Burgess Shale of Canada. This skull was only found using new methods in
Adobe Photoshop. The use of this method show potential for use with other
specimens of different taxa, in hopes of finding elements that have
previously gone unrecognized."
Once again, its April Fool's, so its all in good fun.
A serious question, however, concerning pterosaurs and babies:
Isn't it odd that so many females are apparently fossilized, and all caught
in the act of giving birth? And why would they be giving birth on the
surface of a lake or some body of water (that's the only way I can think
that a birthing pterosaur would be preserved near its young)? Certainly they
wouldn't have birthed (if indeed they had live birth) in mid-air.

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