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Re: New Reference (April 01): Oldest Tyrannosaur

Rob wrote:

> A serious question, however, concerning pterosaurs and babies:
> Isn't it odd that so many females are apparently fossilized, and all
> in the act of giving birth? And why would they be giving birth on the
> surface of a lake or some body of water (that's the only way I can think
> that a birthing pterosaur would be preserved near its young)? Certainly
> wouldn't have birthed (if indeed they had live birth) in mid-air.

This is what I wrote this morning in a message that appearantly has not been
received by the administrators or the list itself:

>>About the baby at the vent of the mother Pterodactlylus kochi:

Yeah, but it appears to be in negative, since the open area of the scleral
ring is the bulbous part, while the ring is an impression of it. Again, some
plates can be observed...
But this baby, does it might have to do with the gasses coming out and with
it, the babies inside the mother pterosaur, like observed in ichtyosaurs?

This is what I think at least...