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That went fast...

Now look at that. I forgot how exactly I bribed Prof. Rabeder, but the  
house journal Beiträge zur Paläontologie published my 3rd paper, even  
though these "contributions" are normally only concerned with cave bears  
and their associate fauna. The downside of this is that nobody would read  
it if I wouldn't advertise it myself. Good luck in tracking down the  
journal, ask me for reprints or PDFs.  
David Marjanovic: Phylogeny of the Enantiornithes (Dinosauria, Aves),  
Beiträge zur Paläontologie 33(4), 1 -- 89 (1. 4. 2003)  
Abstract: Ever since the time they were first recognised in 1981 (WALKER,  
1981), the Enantiornithes have not unveiled their phylogeny. The few  
published analyses (such as CHIAPPE and WALKER, 2002) were plagued by  
missing data, correlated characters, uninformative characters, disputable  
choices of outgroups, and typographic errors. I have compiled a matrix  
with 30 taxa and 200 characters and analysed them in PAUP* 4.1 (SWOFFORD,  
2003). The results are remarkably unsurprising and extremely well  
supported. The monophyly of Enantiornithes is confirmed (to the exclusion  
of *Protopteryx*, *Longipteryx* and *Eocathayornis*, and the inclusion of 
the sinornithid *Liaoningornis*), the formerly poorly supported basal 
split between Iberomesornithidae and Euenantiornithes is confirmed, the 
terminal taxa associated with water (*Halimornis*, *Lectavis* and 
*Yungavolucris*) form a clade, the sistergroup of which is  
*Nanantius*, the Asian fragments cluster with *Gobipteryx* and  
*Alexornis*, Avisauridae is confirmed and the sistergroup of  
(*Enantiornis* + Gobipterygidae). Basalmost among Euenantiornithes is a  
Sinornithidae that includes almost all toothed species of that clade, as  
well as *Eoalulavis*.  
        The lower jaw from El Brete, and the supposed parrot jaw from the  
Lance Formation (STIDHAM, 1998), unambiguously share 9 derived characters  
with Confuciusornithidae.  

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