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RE: DML facing budget cuts

Well, Akhenaton, you old Pharaohs have lots of money to spend.  

Just borrow some from your nephew, Tutankhamen, and restore the DML's
missing budget.  That way, we poor folk won't need to fork over the
$31.95 per month to Mary (I'm sure that Mickey will be too busy selling
contact lenses, by trying to convince people that their eyesight is
getting worse because they are phylogenicly bracketed by their parents
and other Homo sapiens to start getting bad eyesight and color blindness
at 15 years old!).

Since, as Pharaoh, you own Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and most of the Sudan,
Ethiopia, as well as parts of other modern nations, you should be able
to get your mortgage money back from the Nigerian government - or you'll
set your chariots and archers on them!  Your mortgage alone should cover
the DML expenses!

Yes, Mickey has eyes.  He keeps them in a large jar on his desk. :-)

Mary's hair might fetch a tidy sum, especially if she is able sell it to
one person.  I understand Cher is looking for a new wig to wear once she

ISP = Internet Stupid Person :-) 
Some suggested new approved products for the DML - Weight Loss, H G H
(Human  Growth  Hormone), and Cheap Anti-Virus software, etc.!


Allan Edels 

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1.  I don't think you're charging enough.

2.  I already signed my mortgage over to the Nigerian government, and my

er... umm... "penis functionality" is uncompromised, thank you very

3.  Mickey has eyes?

4.  How may I obtain some of Mary's hair?  I need just a bit for my
ceremonies...oops, I mean, for my hunt for pterosaur babies in

5.  What's an ISP?

Good Golly Miss Molly
Sure like to ball,

> We just got the word that due to reductions in grants and state tax
> for 
> USC, the Dinosaur Mailing List will be forced to cut back on service.

> Starting next week, we will only send out mail three days a week.  We
> also have to charge a fee to subscribe, probably $31.95 per month
> Other cuts:
> The DML Breakfast is toast. 
> The armchair paleontologist scholarship that Ken Carpenter was funding
> been frozen and the chair taken away.
> Mickey Rowe and I are taking part-time jobs--Mickey is looking into 
> contract 
> eye exams and double color blind tests, while I am selling my hair.  
> Expect to see advertisements on the list; we are changing the
> to define approved products such as Viagra and joint bank accounts
> Nigerian subscribers.
> If Mickey or I don't reply to your email right away, it is because our
> have disconnected