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Sauropodomorph publications

Adam Yates (adam_m_yates@yahoo.co.uk), has asked me to forward this to
the list since he's not currently subscribed.  I dutifully comply...

-- MPR

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Subject: Sauropodomorph publications
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I see from the archives there was a question about wether my work on
Anchisaurus was included in my 'Sellosaurus' paper. Unfortunately it
is not this paper. But such a paper is written and has been accepted
so it is just a matter of time. You think its bad waiting for al this
stuff to come out, its worse when you are the author! It takes such a
long time for papers to reach the light of publication. Those
interested in Sauropodomorphs might like to check out this link:

[ click on "Contents" or go to:


  directly to see what Adam is talking about.  -- MPR ]

You will see that a paper I've had in press for quite a while now will
be out very soon (Indeed it was submitted well before the
Palaeontology paper and does not use its taxonomy). There are a couple
of other dinosaurs papers coming out soon in this journal so it is
well worth keeping tabs on.


Adam Yates
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