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Re: New Study, T rex Could've Been A Scavenger

Hi All,

> Hatchling to sexual maturity in 1 year or less, for most monitor species. I
> have 6 months for a chameleon species. As for the pythons, Burmese go from 22"
> hatchlings to 9 ft individuals in a year's time. Whether they hit sexual
> maturity at that point; I'm not sure. I might be able to grab some more info
> on this tomorrow (assuming the library stocks the journal: Evolution).
> ____

Ok, these figures are for animals in captivity that are overfed (they call
it powerfeeding.) This does not happen in the wild, trust me I used to breed
reptiles. In the wild it should take a burmese at least 3-5 years to reach 9
feet (they are almost 2 feet at hatching). Snakes are usually sexually
mature, like alot of reptiles, when they reach a certain size. A burmese
should reach around 4 feet in the first year. alot of reptile breeders who
do the power feeding thing wait a few years for the snake to mature a bit
before breeding even if it's at an adult size. An interesting side note,
snake that are powerfed and grow real large have smaller litters/ clutches.