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DISCLAIMER Phylogeny of Enantiornithes

It is surprising how many, and what sorts of, people I managed to fool  
yesterday (I even wrote the date in the "citation"...). :-o Even though 
the journal and the professor exist, there is no such analysis, there is 
no PAUP* 4.1 (only 4.0b10), and *Halimornis*, an assemblage of a fragments 
without feet, won't cluster with the isolated feet *Lectavis* and 
*Yungavolucris*, at least if I don't add the character "somehow associated 
with water" to the matrix. 
However, there is a true kernel in the story. I am preparing an analysis 
of about the dimensions I wrote. And I will write a would-be paper about 
the results -- which, see above, won't be as well-resolved as I hoped 
yesterday --, and get a mark for it ("lecture & practice: Biometrics III: 
Phylogenetic Analysis"). I ought to finish it by early May. I'll even be 
able to make a PDF of it, but as an image, not as text, so it'll be a huge 
file. I'll rather send the nexus file to interested people. 
        Although it won't necessarily be better, the outcome can't be 
worse than any published analysis... (chapter 11 of Mesozoic Birds: 
Euenantiornithes with Archie, not maybe *Iberomesornis* and *Noguerornis* 
as an outgroup, chock full of missing data, typos, most characters 
constant [1 or ?] over the ingroup... outcome: phylogenetic grass... 
<lament, lament, lament>... other analyses: too few taxa, and of course 
lacking the latest discoveries.) 

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