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Re: 2005 ROM exhibit

Dear List,

    This Feathered Dinosaurs exibit is Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas's newest
touring dino exibition. The last major one they did was "Dinosaurs, a Global
View", before that, "Dinosaurs past and Present". These two toured for
years.  Way back in the early eighties they did a Charlies R. Knight
traveling exibit.
    I have been able to see some of the work that they are putting into
this, and it is far beyond their "Flying dinosaurs" volume.I am really
looking forward to seeing it. I  am not certain, but I believe it is going
to launch in San Diego. I will post additional information when I receive

Cliff Green

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> This is looking ahead a bit, but the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, has
> announced the following exhibit.  Does anyone know more about it?  Is this
> the exhibit now at the BM(NH) in London?
> Feathered Dinosaurs
> Showcasing some of the most spectacular dinosaur and bird fossils ever
> discovered, Feathered Dinosaurs displays more than 35 original fossils
> recently excavated from the fossil beds in the Liaoning Province in
> China, with a series of 15 life-size feathered restorations of fossils,
> including raptors and gigantic flightless birds.
> March 5 to August 28, 2005
> Organized by The Dinosaur Museum, Utah (USA) and The Liaoning Fossil
> Administration Office, China.
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