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Re: New references

Jaime Headden wrote-

> Nitpicking, but Mickey and I disagree (what's new?) ...

But only in semantics this time.

>   It is this medial wall that Mickey apparently perceives as a continuous
> surface of the maxillary wall, but it is a sharp-rimmed fenestra, and the
> condition is corroborated in *Troodon formosus* by a personal
> communication from Chris Brochu.

I refer to such depressions as fossae, as opposed to fenestrae, which would
actually fully penetrate the bone.  Just as the antorbital fossa of
Erlikosaurus or Chirostenotes has a well defined overhanging rim, so does
the maxillary fossa of Byronosaurus.  It doesn't make any of them fenestrae.

Mickey Mortimer