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RE: "running" elephants

There is a problem in considering elephants as models for dinosaur
A large elephant weighs 5 tons.
A large sauropod dinosaur weighed 80 tons - 16 times the weight.

To model the locomotion of a sauropod dinosaur on that of an elephant on
comparable top modelling the locomotion of an elephant from something
weighing about 300 kilos - a small horse, or a cow - which can do all sorts
of things elephants can't.

Richard Forrest

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Subject: "running" elephants

Hi, as before, we have a website for the "Are fast-moving elephants really
running?" paper, with a FREE DOWNLOAD (thanks Nature!) of the pdf paper,
supp info, and movies, plus much more info and images.  Some potential
applications to dinosaurs so I'm sure some will be interested.  It is at:


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