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> João Simões Lopes Filho wrote: 
> ----------------------  
> What is the current status of South American Cretaceous  
> ex-multituberculate mammal Ferugliotherium ? 
> ---------------------- 
> Well, it's still a ferugliotheriid gondwanathere right? 
Right. If it isn't sudamericid meanwhile. 
> The  
> question now is 'what are gondwanatheres?', seeing as most  
> workers seem to be saying that they're not multituberculates.  
> I haven't seen much discussion of the xenarthran theory in  
> recent papers 
All they share with xenarthrans is having been first found in South 
America and being hypsodont. The teeth, I mean, but hardly anything else 
is known... :.-( 
I say they are australosphenidans. Simply because this hasn't been 
proposed yet AFAIK, because they have a western Outer Gondwanan 
distribution, and because they share an important plesiomorphy (6 cusps 
arranged in 2 connected triangles). :o) 
> Mayr, G. 2003. On the phylogenetic relationships of trogons  
> (Aves, Trogonidae). _Journal of Avian Biology_ 34, 81-88. 
> [...] monophyly of a steatornithid-trogonid clade  
> separate from alcediniforms minus trogonids. That  
> steatornithids are closer to trogons than other  
> 'caprimulgiforms' partly explains why they didn't group with  
> other 'caprimulgiforms' in the Livezey & Zusi supertree.  
> Further evidence for 'caprimulgiform' paraphyly is  
> presented (see Mayr 2002 - _J. Ornith_. 143, 82-97) and  
> non-steatornithid 'caprimulgiforms' are found to group with  
> apodiforms. This means that Huxley's 1867  
> Cypselomorphae is resurrected, and strigiforms are  
> postulated as the sister-taxon to Cypselomorphae +  
> (Steatornithidae + Trogonidae).  
So this means 
     |   |--Podargidae 
     |   |--Caprimulgidae 
     |   |--Aegothelidae 
     |   |--Nyctibiidae 
     |   `--Apodiformes 
Was there a comment on where Coraciiformes and/or Alcediniformes sit in 
that tree, and if hummingbirds are Apodiformes? 

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