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Re: recent Majungatholus articles

Good day, all!

For the past two days I have been waking up and going to bed with calls from
family and friends who are seeing Majungatholus articles in local papers.
As you can imagine, it's great for these papers here in the Twin Cities that
Ray Rogers and Kristi Currie Rogers, local paleontologists, are the
researchers behind the story.  Being able to work with Ray and Krist is a
huge oppotunity for which I am very thankful.

I appreciate the comments on my Majungatholus artwork!  It is of import to
me that great artists such as HP's Jordan Mallon, Todd Marshall, and Dan
Varner, and others, have all complimented my work.

I am very impressed at the speed with which this story is circling the
globe.  I spoke with Ray today, and there are Azerbaijani (spelling?) papers
which are publishing this article.  It's great that Majungatholus is getting
this much press.

Again, thanks for the compliments!

I'm off to Vertabrate Paleontology, now, coincidentally.  We're almost at

Have a great weekend,