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Re: "running" humans

On Fri, 4 Apr 2003, Dino Guy Ralph wrote:
> [...]
> Obviously these are sloppy questions, which I will not clarify further, but as
> a museum docent I would like to provide ballpark figures when the inevitable
> comparisons between calculated dinosaur speeds and human running ability come
> up.  There are sometimes comments such as "Well, since humans can reach 27
> mph, I think I could outrun _T. rex_ easy!" which I think are, shall we say,
> simplistic and which I should like to discourage.  As I understand it, there
> are relatively few large animals that we humans can outrun.  I am particularly
> interested in average human running speeds, as some of us are not Olympic
> caliber sprinters!

Bear in mind that speed alone is not the whole picture. We might be able
to out maneuver and/or outlast this rex. Leakey is said to have ran down a
Thompson's gazelle...