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RE: "running" elephants

Jean-Michel wrote-
I don't know a lot about biomechanics (to say the least), but...
I remember this film (actually my favorite) called "Hatari" where you can see real elephants "running", both adult and especially young ones. Apart from the fact that they seem to "run" a bit more lightly
than the adult, the movements of the young are exactly the same (no
SFX in the film). I mean, it's the same type of moving the legs. Just looks like a fast walking to me (I'm no expert). So if it's true for a two or three hundred kilos baby elephant, the scale might be the same for big quadrupedal dinosaurs.

'Hatari' is an incredible movie. I've seen it at least twice. The animal capture scenes are thrilling. CMIIW, but 'Predatory Dinosaurs of the World' mentions this book when it comes to rhinoceros and running. Btw, 'Hatari' may have been out a little too early for SFX of that caliber...

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