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Worst Nightmare of Crustacean Donation * Cannibal Dinosaur * 65 million years in the making * DINOSAURNEWS

Welcome to this edition of  DINOSAURNEWS.

Last year we brought you 740 dinosaur stories of international interest -
this year we'll bring you 750 more!

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**  65 million years in the making
You will first step into a reconstruction of the Bernissart mine-shaft.
Bernissart, in northwest Belgium, was the site of the first dinosaurs ever


**  Volunteers help museum bring dinosaurs out of the past
Here, deep inside Dyche Hall in a part of the museum that most visitors
never see, the leg bone's connected to 140-million-year-old rock, and it's
Curt Freyhofer's job to separate the two

**  Donated fossil is a crustacean
"I'm a little over it now, but it was kind of like a worst nightmare come
true,'' said Craig Plocica, director of marketing and special events for the
museum, who apologized for the misinformation

**  Supercroc Screens Again
Scientists estimate that SuperCroc would have had a bite force of 18,000
pounds (8,165 kilograms), or about the weight of a Mack Truck

**  Feature Site: the Opal Fossils of South Australia
The South Australian Museum's site with fossil locations in Australia and
"Meet the Palaeontologist"

FEATURE PUBLICATION:   Night Comes to the Cretaceous : Dinosaur Extinction
and the Transformation of Modern Geology
Mr. Powell describes the whole debate in a text that deals well with the
inevitable technicalities and will be found very readable by anyone
interested in the history of Earth and the problems that beset scientists
seeking to understand it.
Click this link:

**  Fossil find sheds light on ancient plants
A plant fossilised in 400 million-year-old Scottish quartz is giving
scientists more clues about the evolution of life from the sea on to the

**  Madagascar Dinosaur Was a Cannibal, Scientists Say
Although researchers had suspected it, there has been little evidence of
what was on the dinosaur menu all those years ago, but scientists in the
United States said fossil bones from the flesh-eating Majungatholus remove
any doubt that it had a taste for members of its own species

**  Dinosaur at Orpheum to make grand return
Taylor Studios in Rantoul refurbished the deinonychus, which was stolen from
outside the museum last October

**  Earliest salamanders discovered
Scientists have discovered the earliest examples of salamanders - specimens
up to 165 million years old - in fossil beds in Mongolia and China

**  Dinosaur experts to share their archeological adventures
Lecture and slide show explains background behind Dragon Bones: When
Dinosaurs Ruled China, the exhibit now on display in the Royal B.C. Museum

**  3rd International Contest of Dinosaur Illustration

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