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Re: runninghumans

> > Trivia questions: 
> >  
> > What is the fastest recorded speed attained by a running human in miles 
> > per hour? 
> In km/h, 44.3. Which is impressive, even though it was only reached in the 
> 8th 10-m-part of a 100 m run. A mile is... <flick flick flick>... wrong 
> dictionary... ah yeah: 1.609 km, gives <tip tip> 27.5327 mph. 
IIRC, it's 43.45 km/h (Donovan Bailey, OG in Atlanta, 100m final) 

> > What is the fastest recorded speed attained by a running human in miles 
> > per hour for the distance it would take to evade a predator? 
> Maybe something around 30 km/h (18.5 mph)... probably depends strongly on 
> the predator. 
Well, the top atletes are able to run in average speed of 33.3 km/h
at 400m (WR 43.18 s.) and 28.4 km/h. at 800m (WR 1:41.11 min.). An
"average" human would run much more slowly, though.
> > What is an approximation of the highest running speed an average adult 
> > human can reach in miles per hour? 
> Maybe 25 -- 30 km/h. 
AFAIK, nobody without a further training can reach over 34 km/h.
> > "Well, since humans can reach 27 mph, 
> Maybe there are 3 humans that can do that. 
Right. Donovan Bailey, Maurice Greene and Tim Montgomery, perhaps?
Me? My PB at 100m is 10.7 s., my top speed is around 40.5 km/h. ;o)
> > I think I could outrun _T. rex_ easy!" 
> In December 2001 someone calculated onlist that at 2 steps per second *T. 
> rex* would have walked with 36 km/h... farewell, Dennis Nedry. 
One step of T. rex measured some 3.5-4 meters (rather than 5), IIRC?
> Probably it works for ostriches. And maybe for Viennese (walking with 3 or 
> 2 km/h is not a bad estimate). But otherwise... :-/ 
I'm walking faster than that, most of the time over 2 m/s.(7.2 km/h).
BTW, I've read somewhere, that _A. huinculensis_ (and any 50+ tons
sauropod for that matter) probably wasn't able to walk faster than
just 6 km/h? thanks, Vlad 

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