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Re: running humans

> Me? My PB at 100m is 10.7 s., my top speed is around 40.5 km/h. ;o) 
40.5 km/h?!? Are you serious?!? 
> > In December 2001 someone calculated onlist that at 2 steps per second 
> > *T. rex* would have walked with 36 km/h... farewell, Dennis Nedry. 
> One step of T. rex measured some 3.5-4 meters (rather than 5), IIRC? 
Maybe it was strides, not steps... I forgot. But it is in the archives. 
> > Probably it works for ostriches. And maybe for Viennese (walking with  
> > 3 or 2 km/h is not a bad estimate). But otherwise... :-/ 
> I'm walking faster than that, most of the time over 2 m/s.(7.2 km/h). 
You're not a Viennese. :-) 
> BTW, I've read somewhere, that _A. huinculensis_ (and any 50+ tons 
> sauropod for that matter) probably wasn't able to walk faster than 
> just 6 km/h? 
I haven't read that... why should there be such a restriction for animals 
with such long legs? 
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Just found: 
Though... I understand lots more in Czech news. :-) 

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