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Re: running humans

> > Me? My PB at 100m is 10.7 s., my top speed is around 40.5 km/h. ;o) 
> 40.5 km/h?!? Are you serious?!? 
Yes, exactly. If you're a sprinter in the range of 10.5-11.0 sec. at
a hundred (average speed of 32-35 km/h), youre maximum speed should
be around "forty". Unofficialy I've clocked 0.89 s. at one 10 m. leg
of a hundred. Calculate for yourself. ;o)
> > > Probably it works for ostriches. And maybe for Viennese (walking with  
> > > 3 or 2 km/h is not a bad estimate). But otherwise... :-/ 
> > I'm walking faster than that, most of the time over 2 m/s.(7.2 km/h). 
> You're not a Viennese. :-) 
I visited Wienna 5 years ago, and I walked exactly that fast. ;o)
> > BTW, I've read somewhere, that _A. huinculensis_ (and any 50+ tons 
> > sauropod for that matter) probably wasn't able to walk faster than 
> > just 6 km/h? 
> I haven't read that... why should there be such a restriction for animals 
> with such long legs? 
Long but thick. Also, animal that heavy needed to keep stability,
which is harder if you're moving fast. 

BTW, the study of elephant running speed seems incorrect to me. I
mean, the value of 25 km/h is much less, than many african (if it was
really _L. africana_ not _E. maximus_) hunters would give you. Famous
Czech traveler, J. Wagner himself clocked one old female running at
over 40 km/h when attacking a jeep. And it was old and big
individual, very likely over 5 tons of weigh.

"Nec scire fas est omnia" Seneca 

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