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RE: runninghumans

Humans are pretty good at sustained running over long distance. A recent TV
programme (one of the David Attenborough ones on mammals, I think) showed an
amazing sequence of a Kalahari Bushman relentlessly running down an eland
(and doing some amazing tracking in the process).
Richard Forrest

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> > > What is an approximation of the highest running speed an average adult
> > > human can reach in miles per hour?
> > >
> >Maybe 25 -- 30 km/h.
> AFAIK, nobody without a further training can reach over 34 km/h.'

I guess we should also take into account the distance and the terrain.
Sprinters in Olympic Stadiums like Michael Johnson clock speeds of 37
km/hour. Fine. He is not on a terrain avoiding a predator and has had
exceptional training. Marathon world record
is still an avarage of just over 20 km/hour, but it has been sustained for
over 2 hours. And it is on normal roads after years of dedicated training.
I do a lot of running (training for a marathon). An avarage adult human
would be doing rather good if he/she would run 15 km/hour over a distance of
10 km. Try it, it is not that easy. In terrain however it is a complete
different matter. Maybe topspeeds
of 20-25 km/hour for very short distances. And that would be without evasive