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Sorry guys for all the frustrating baby pterosaur news. I must have felt
like a proud father and wanted to share. For awhile I was contributing
to the list, but not reading the archives, just responding to emails,
until just this morning. Now I see that few to no people have actually
found babies. That's a shame.

Well, mm-m-maybe I should name the next one "Harvey" f-for that 6-foot
tall rrrabbit that only J-J-Jimmy Stewart could see.

For those concerned about the technique versus viewing actual specimens,
in the past week I've done both on a genuine embryo. And the best of the
bunch. The wing fingers are completely folded down -- as they would have
to be~right?

BTW, does anyone have the specimen number for the Eichsätt
Rhamphorhynchus that appears to have been crucified? You can find it on
page 84 of Wellnhofer's Encyclopedia, middle left. And yes, I know all
about the dendrites. That's not what I'm looking at.

David Peters
St. Louis