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Re: All about the Feet

J Farlow wrote: > Quite simple, really.  They've spend too much time watching 
ABC Wild World of Sports, and are hung up on de agony of de feet.<

Sounds about right. The thing that gets me, is that they don't even look like 
elephant feet, which is what you'd expect. Instead, the manus looked like the 
shaved paw of a freakin' bear with a serious weight problem.

Drives me nuts.

M. Bonnan wrote: >They haven't consulted the experts yet.  Hmmm ... whom could 
I be referring to ... ? =)  For anyone out there on the Discovery Channel, I'm 
your sauropod foot man! (shameless self promotion)<

Shameless self promotion truly is the best type of shameless promotion isn't 
it?  That warm fuzzy feeling... There is nothing quite like it really. :-)

>Seriously, though, for those curious, I have an article in press on the 
>evolution of the sauropod manus, and I am waiting for several articles in 
>review to come back to me on various sauropod foot and limb related items.<

Goodie goodie. Thanks for the heads up. I'll definitely look for them.