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Re: Dinosaur beaks

Oh, I have "Mesozoic Birds" and have looked at *Eoenantiornis*, and yes, I saw 
what you mean about not being able to give a clear difinitive answer as to what 
is/is not preserved at the tip of the snout. Kinda ambiguous eh? And it seems 
that the same goes for the other photo you mentioned of this little guy, which, 
I have not seen. In all, this is what I mean when I say that I have neither 
found nore received any answers... But in reality, I should have said 
"clear-cut answers", or something to that effect. Often, the lack of 
preservation of a beak, but the preservation of feathers,  is pawned off on 
preparation of the specimen, which is as you stated here. And really, you could 
very well be right, and probably are. Either there were just feathers, or there 
was a horny covering of some sort, but during preparation, the area was cleaned 
away. Frustrating is the word that fits. As for coelurosaurs, fused, tough 
scales around the mouth margins (or just the premax) is still game!
or me. It doesn't have to be a keratinous, solid beak per se. As far as I'm 
concerned, this is still a viable option. In fact, given how variations go, 
both your alternative and mine could have been in place.

Something that I think needs to be discussed when it comes to my talk right now 
with jaime is the crista tomialis... along with scans of bird jaws that will be 
posted on my various photo website.... Sometime tonight maybe. I gots me a 
dynamics exam tomorrow, so this might not happen until tomorrow night.