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Re: Some questions & feathered Allosaurs?

 --- Dino Rampage <dino_rampage@hotmail.com> wrote: 
> Maybe basal ornithopods 
> like _Hypsilophodon_ had some primitve fuzzy
> integument, a feature that 
> maybe newly hatched iguanodonts & hadrosaurs
> possessed. 

I often wondered if this may explain the presence of
ornithopods in Antarctica, as if Leaellynasaura had an
at least 'fuzzy' integument, it would have a better
chance of surviving an Antarctic winter. 

This is just idle speculation, but could it be that
all the dinosaur groups found in polar regions were
covered in at least slight 'fur' or protofeathers?

Although a Leaellynasaura with long curly hair would
be amusing...

Simon M. Clabby

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