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New NMMNH Volumes available

So far as I can tell, Andrew Heckert is not currently subscribed to
the dinosaur list, so I'm forwarding the following message on his
behalf.  I don't know anything about these things other than what is
in this message, so please make sure that you direct any responses to:


and not to me.  Thanks!

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)

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  From: AHeckert@nmmnh.state.nm.us
  To: dinosaur@usc.edu
  Subject: New NMMNH Volumes available
  Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 09:25:33 -0600 

  To one and all:

  We here at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science are
  happy to report that two new bulletins are available for sale. The
  first of these volumes, NMMNH Bulletin 22, Upper Triassic
  Stratigraphy and Paleontology (Heckert and Lucas, eds), is a
  301-page volume that is absolutely essential for any person working
  on Late Triassic vertebrates (if you cite Long and Murry, 1995,
  NMMNH Bulletin 4, you will cite this volume). The second volume,
  NMMNH Bulletin 24, Paleoecological Analysis of the Vertebrate Fauna
  of the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic), Rocky Mountain Region,
  U.S.A., by John R. Foster, is a 95-page volume based on his
  dissertation and is equally essential for anyone working on the
  Morrison Formation or its correlatives. Details below:

  An order form with all NMMNH Bulletins (including these) is
  available online:


  "The Chinle Volume" (NMMNH Bulletin 21)---$30 U.S.

  34 articles on Triassic stratigraphy and paleontology by 23 authors,

  1 new species of dinosaur (Revueltosaurus hunti, by Heckert)
  2 new aetosaurs (Zeigler et al---new Desmatosuchus and Lucas et
  al---new Typothorax)
  1 new freshwater shark (Reticulodus synergus Murry & Kirby)

  Much of the focus is on the Upper Triassic of the American West,
  including every major vertebrate group (sharks, "fish," metoposaurs,
  aetosaurs, rauisuchians, phytosaurs, dinosaurs, etc.) but there are
  also articles on the Argentinian archosaur Cuyosuchus (Desojo et
  al), the ichthyosaur Toretocnemus, and more.

  "The Morrison Volume" (NMMNH Bulletin 23)---$15 U.S.

  A monograph based on John Foster's dissertation at the University of
  Colorado---this is the most detailed and comprehensive attempt at
  deciphering the vertebrate paleoecology of the Morrison Formation
  ever undertaken. The appendix alone is worth the price, as it lists
  the fauna, depositional environments, stratigraphic level, and more
  of ~250 Morrison Formation quarries. If you work on any aspect of
  the Morrison and its fauna, you need this book.

  Sales of NMMNH Bulletins support science at the NMMNH and the NMMNH itself.
  No author, editor, or other person benefits financially from these sales.


  Andrew B. Heckert, Ph.D.
  Geosciences Collections Manager
  New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science
  1801 Mountain Road NW
  Albuquerque, NM 87104-1375


  If you free yourself from the conventional reaction to a quantity like a
  million years, you free yourself a bit from the boundaries of human time.
  And then in a way you do not live at all, but in another way you live
       unknown geologist quoted by John McPhee in "Basin and Range"