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Re: Some questions & feathered Allosaurs?

> From: "Simon M. Clabby"
> Also, I was under the impression that Psittacosaurs
> were considered by some workers to not bee ancestral
> to Neoceratopians, as they had only four digits on the
> manus, whereas the quadrupedal Neoceratopians all had
> five digits on the manus, so the Triceratops of your
> art would not need to look like a porcupine, or have I
> completely misunderstood my phylogenetics again?.

Thing is, full integument is not preserved for any neoceratopsian (although
scale impressions are known for some ceratopsids, I believe). So it could be
anything from a trait within _Psittacosauridae_ to a basal trait within
_Ornithischia_. (Or, if homologous with feathers, within _Dinosauromorpha_. Or,
if homologous with "ptero-fur", ancestral to _Ornithodira_!) And, in any case,
it could have been secondarily lost in some lineages.

I would suspect something closer to the former than to the latter for now, but
who knows?

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