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Re: Dentary foramina

Kris Kripchack (MariusRomanus@aol.com) wrote:

<Quick question for anyone out there... When it comes to the foramina on
the dentary of *Tyrannosaurus rex*, in relation to the teeth, is there
only a lateral row with another one placed more ventrally? Or is there a
medial row as well? I know that there is a lateral and more ventrally
placed row for dromaeosaurs... but do they also have a bit of a medial row
as well?>

  If we are talking about the medial surface of the dentary, then yes ...
all dinosaurs have ONE row of foramina that exist between the interdental
plates in prosauropods or theropods and regularly penetrate the contiguous
interdental lamina of ornithischians. And aside from the foramina around
the symphysis that reflect ennervation by portions of the mandibular
nerve, including the splenial foramen (also housing the splenial artery),
into the dentary and for the purpose of fleshing the gums and nutrients to
the tooth roots, there are no other medial foramina in dinosaur dentaries,
including *Tyrannosaurus rex*.


Jaime A. Headden

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