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Re: A slap on the hand

perhaps there should also be prison sentences for all of the "responsible"
academics who I KNOW have destroyed fossil materials, stolen fossil
materials, collected illegally.......

but, hey, these guys are academics.....they are completely warranted in
doing ANYTHING they want under the guise of science........

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Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2003 11:43 AM
Subject: Re: A slap on the hand

> In response to Michael Schmidt, a friend of a friend asked me to forward
> this to the list.
> "I agree totally with Mr Schmidt.  I often like to wander the Bighorn
> digging up the biggest and sexiest fossils I can find.  Do you have a
> permit, I hear you ask?  Hey, I pay taxes.  I don't need no permission to
> explore federal land.  What is this, Soviet Russia?
> But enough about those pencil-necked fat-cat bureaucrats trying to rob us
> hard-working collectors of our hard-earned cash.  Let me tell you about
> dinosaur skull I exacvated.  Well, "excavated" is perhaps too fancy a
> I had a pick and a shovel, and I wrested that daddy out of the earth with
> the sweat of my own brow.  Unfortunately, a few bits fell off - who
> digging up an old skull would be so difficult.  And anyway, who cares if
> skull is in less-than-perfect condition?  Except a bunch of nerds in white
> lab coats.  They'll probably want me to "donate" the skull to a Museum or
> something.  That's right, I won't get a cent for my labors.  What is this,
> Soviet Russia?
> I tried to dig up the rest of the skeleton.  But heck those bones are
> fragile!  A few just snapped the moment I dinged it with the shovel.
> of the Earth, my ass!  Some of those bones were dust by the time my pickup
> rolled up the driveway.  I couldn't get all the skeleton out of the
ground -
> I'll leave that for those aforementioned nerds.
> Not sure what I'll do with the skull.   I have a Japanese entrepeneur
> *very* interested.  (Ka-ching ka-ching, if you catch my drift).  He
> me he's a scientist - the walls of his mansion are covered in these
> feathered dino-what-nots from China.  He talks the talk - why he even
> what bone is what.  My garage is full of these damn bones, and heck if I
> know a thigh-bone from a hole in the ground.  Hey, what's the big deal if
> make a bit of cash.  I worked hard for these specimens.  What is this,
> Soviet Russia?
> My lawyer just called.  One of those fat-cat bureaucrats is on the way.
> Something about a warrant.  I swear, America's a police state.  It's OK,
> lawyer says - I can get off with a token fine and community service.  I
> might have to pick up litter in Bighorn Basin for a week or two.  Hey,
> probably all mine anyway.
> By the time you read this, my private residence will be swarming with
> pencil-necked Feds.  A man can't make an honest living these days.  What
> this, Soviet Russia?
> It's all a conspiracy!
> Billy Bob"
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