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Re: A slap on the hand [RANT]

Do I suuport any reckless behaviour when it comes to archaeology or
paleontology (or any other science for that matter)?  No, I don't.

Do I appreciate the work that the vast majority of academics do in
preserving science for everyone?  You bet I do!!

Do I know firsthand of non-academics who have broken the law when it comes
to fossil collecting?  Again, I sure do.

I also know of academics who have done the same thing.  Tell me what good it
does for me to file a criminal complaint against an academic for
tresspassing and illegally collecting on someone's land when the landowner
has filed that same complaint himself, and nothing has happened?  It
usually  seems to be "disnmissed" as an understanding, yet oddly enough when
a responsible commercial or hobby collector makes an honest error and
uncharacteristically, unwittingly collects illegally, the law is all over
him with absolutely no mercy. Why the double standard?

My point is that for the VERY small amount of academics out there who have
broken laws in their pursuit of science, laws that a non-academic would be
charged for breaking, perhaps they too should be charged........

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> > perhaps there should also be prison sentences for all of the
> > academics who I KNOW have destroyed fossil materials, stolen fossil
> > materials, collected illegally.......
> >
> > but, hey, these guys are academics.....they are completely warranted in
> > doing ANYTHING they want under the guise of science........
> >
> > Michael
> Michael,
> With all due respect, I honestly do not understand your statements.
> I am very disturbed by them.
> Please back up your assertions with verifiable data. Are you referring to
> any much-honored person on, or off, this list who has expended years of
> blood, sweat, and tears to enrich our understanding of the history of life
> on this planet? Can you support your accusations?
> Have you ever worked in the field alongside so-called "academics" (before
> and long after they earned their credentials) and shared their physical
> and discomfort under extreme conditions of sandstorms, horrendous
> temperature extremes, and questionable food and water supplies, and amidst
> problematical tribes (Kurds, Qashqai, Bakhtiari, Luri, and Baluchi, for
> example [*all* wonderful, helpful, openly friendly, and very curious -- if
> mystified -- people, by the way!]), or have seen for yourself the care
> so-called "academics" take to preserve and record data? Have you ever lain
> prone on the baked ground in the hot sun, sighting along string grid-lines
> through the blowing dust, to help document each and every bone and
> meticuously extracted from a fossil site?
> Do you sympathize with the vandals who just this week stole and mutilated
> 2,000-year-old frescos from the ruins of Pompeii?
> -= Tuck =-