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Re: A slap on the hand [RANT]

Read carefully everything I wrote, Mr. Williams.

Not ONCE did I say that Mr  Quammen never made any money from the specimens
he collected  illegally.

Nor did I say he didn't deserve to be punished.

Nor did I say he made a mistake, and is just some poor victim here.

He broke the law.  He was caught.  He was punished and fined.  He got what
he deserved.

What I DID say was that maybe the law should be enforced equally, and when
an academic collects illegally (bury your head in the sand if you like, but
it DOES happen), then perhaps the law should be applied in EXACTLY the same

It never ceases to amaze me how academics get into such a tizzy when it is
even HINTED that there is the occasional one that is unethical.

Criminals are criminals.  Whether they have a degree or not, and whether
their crime is  tresspassing, poaching, theft, destruction- whatever.

One set of laws for EVERYONE.

Do you have a problem with that????

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> "Michael Schmidt" <dmschmidt@sprint.ca> wrote:
> >yet oddly enough when a responsible commercial or hobby collector makes
> >honest error and uncharacteristically, unwittingly collects illegally,
> >law is all over him with absolutely no mercy.
> Very odd indeed.  Especially when you consider that the salt-of-the-earth
> Quammen never actually made any money from the specimens he collected
> illegally.  Oh, hang on.  YES HE DID!!!
> If you believe that it was all just an honest mistake, then I think I have
> deal you might be interested in.  You see, there's this nice Nigerian
> businessman who contacted me via email (PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL) ...
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