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Re: A slap on the hand [RANT]

if you had read carefully, you would have seen that, at in at least one
case, the criminal  action WAS reported, yet nothing was done.  The
complaint was essentially dismissed because it came from some small little
rancher in some small little town, and the police just told him to calm down
and forget about it....that it was all a "misunderstanding".......

surely a scientist woulodn't knowingly break the law????

Why, that's crazy-talk!  Obviously the rancher's just getting upset about
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<< Read carefully everything I wrote, Mr. Williams.


What I DID say was that maybe the law should be enforced equally, and when
an academic collects illegally (bury your head in the sand if you like, but
it DOES happen), then perhaps the law should be applied in EXACTLY the same

It never ceases to amaze me how academics get into such a tizzy when it is
even HINTED that there is the occasional one that is unethical.

Criminals are criminals. Whether they have a degree or not, and whether
their crime is tresspassing, poaching, theft, destruction- whatever.

One set of laws for EVERYONE.

Do you have a problem with that???? >>

       If I read Tim Williams correctly, I believe he was asking why you did
not report these criminal "academics" to the proper authorities if you had
authoritive knowledge of their criminal activities. I'm reminded here of the
late Senator Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin and his fabled list of communist
conspirators in government from the early 1950's that remains unseen to this
day. DV