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Re: Baghdad National Museum Looted [personal, philosophical, and historical]

tuckr@digital.net wrote:  <<Believe me: I've been there, done that, and
(barely) survived -- and I hope no one else ever experiences looting and
mob gunfire personally: it's ugly and terrifying and demoralizing --  but I
lived, and my specimens and data (except for those regarding the crocodiles
in Iranian Baluchistan and Triassic theropod dinosaur tracks near Kerman,
Iran) have endured and have been referenced and/or formally published.>>

Talking ONLY about dinosaurs: I have also been there. I was in Iran from
11th to 30th September 2002 to look for dinosaur evidence with Iranian and
Brazilian colleagues.
The dinosaur footprints from Neyzar Valley near Zarand, Kerman Province are
Early Jurassic (not Triassic) in age. They are found in the Shemshak
Formation.  Work is in progress about that and other dinosaur evidence
occurring in Iran. Some geological maps report the lower part of the
Shemshak Formation as Rhaetian in age, but this is no more considered
As far as I (and my Iranian friends) know, no dinosaur evidence as been
found in the Triassic of Iran.
Just to be precise.

I have some experience in vertebrate paleoichnology. You can check my CV in
the web site reported below.

Salam aleykum

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia
Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia, PhD
Museo Paleontologico Cittadino
Via Valentinis 134
I-34074 Monfalcone