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Do NOT post virus warnings to the dinosaur mailing list

Please everyone, use a bit of common sense... Computer viruses are not
dinosaur science.  We state this explicitly in the administrivia in
our partial list of topics that are *NEVER* welcome on the list:

     Notable examples of subjects which have no place on the list are
     cryptozoology, time travel, Planet of the Apes, and random
     computer virus alerts, among others.

This is particularly true when the warning is an old hoax.  Among the
general sites you can search to verify such things is snopes.com.
They addressed this one months ago:


I shouldn't have to say this, but any time someone sends you a message
that asks you to send it to "everyone" you should most probably send
it to no one.  In any case, if it's not directly about dinosaur
science then do *NOT* send it to the dinosaur list.

Thanks for your cooperation,

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)

P.S. The administrivia text I quoted above was from section 8h.  Read
it in its entirety at:


Consider this message to be a call for an immediate shutdown on
computer virus threads.