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Re: Keller keeps punchin'

I'm surprised how much credence Nature gives to "preliminary analysis" by Gerta Keller, who's been trying to find a way to move Chicxulub off the KT boundary for well over a decade. It wouldn't be terribly surprising to see some microfossils in unconsolidated sediment redeposited into a large hole in the continental shelf. At this point, the debate has reached the point where I would expect extraordinary evidence to be needed to show the microfossils definitely were deposited between the impact and the KT. Otherwise, it's about as conclusive as dinosaur teeth found after the KT. -- Jeff Hecht

At 1:38 PM -0400 4/14/03, John Bois wrote:
Drilling at Yucatan reveal, they say, microfossils 300,000 years after
supposed extinction: