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Re: Museum of Northern Arizona update

Dan Varner wrote-
What would stand the best chance generating increased revenue?
Cultural and environmental history or dinosaurs? Or maybe I'm just
naive. I know when I was a kid I couldn't wait for a trip to the museum to see the handwoven baskets! Go to the American Museum of Natural History sometime and measure the decibel level in the anthropology halls compared to the dinosaur halls. They even have a separate gift shop just for dinosaur stuff, for cryin
out loud. Something's screwy. DV

It's fairly obvious to me and it should be to everyone that the australopithecine genes in the anthropologists are clearly jealous of the post-mortem success being enjoyed by dinosaurs that has never been, is not currently, and probably never will be enjoyed by them. How many little kids do you know that pretend to be a happy family group of Australopithecus? Know of any major blockbusters revolving around genetically resurrected non-human hominids? Can anyone call off hand how many coloring books there are for these guys as opposed to dinosaurs? Yes, there is a definite conspiracy on the loose.


Nick Gardner Paleoartist AIM Eoraptor22