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Re: ora speeds

There is confusion here relating to the tyanno scavenging paper. Oras can 
briefly run at high speeds by using anaerobiosis to exceed the maximum 
aerobic capacity manyfold. However, the scavenging study properly focused on 
cruising speeds which can be sustained for the entire day, which are 
determined by the aerobic exercise capacity. In reptiles that's about 2 km/h 
at most and often much lower (both modern, and as recorded in trackways), in 
mammals, birds and dinosaurs (as recorded by trackways) its 3-10+ km/h. 
Contrary to the scavenging paper cruising speed cannot be determined as a 
fraction of top speed. For example elephants cruise as fast as ungulates that 
can run much faster. Many reptiles can run as fast as mammals and birds but 
their former's cruising speeds are of course far lower. 

G Paul