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Re: A Whole Bunch Of Questions

Ivan Kwan wrote-

> 1) Sail or Muscle???
> In _Suchomimus_, there seem to be some pretty tall neural spines on the
> vertebrae above its hips... is there evidence for either a sail or for a
> hump of muscles? It does seem interesting that most of us still prefer to
> see our spinosaurs & ouranosaurs with sails instead of humps... what
> evidence is there for these dinosaurs not to have humps? (I still prefer
> mine with sails thank you.)
> Same with _Acrocanthosaurus_... would it have a low sail along its neck &
> back or just a huge bunch of muscles?

I prefer Bailey's evidence for humps.  Certainly better than any published
argument for sails.

> 2) _Chaoyangsaurus_ Age
> What is the age of _Chaoyangsaurus_ (or is it _ChaoyangOsaurus_)?

Berriasian, according to Swisher et al. (2002), though it could extend into
the Late Jurassic.  It's Chaoyangsaurus (Zhao et al., 1999), not
"Chaoyangosaurus" (Zhao and Cheng 1983, vide Dong 1992).

> 3) _Stenopelix_
> What is _Stenopelix_? Basal ceratopsian, basal pachycephalosaur, basal
> marginocephalian, basal what?

Basal pachycephalosaur according to all modern analyses.

> 5) Hadrosaur skin
> I often notice that many restore hadrosaurs with a thin frill of skin
> their necks & backs. I've also seen an equal number of hadrosaur
> restorations with a row of bumps or spines along the back. Do the
> mummies or skin impressions point to either one being more plausible than
> the other? I've always thought that a dorsal frill would be subject to
> damage through abrasion, sharp vegetation as well as failed predator
> attacks.

>From what I recall, differing dorsal frill morphologies are preserved in
different taxa.

> 6) _Parasaurolophus_
> While we're on hadrosaur skin, is there actually evidence that
> _Parasaurolophus_  possessed a flap of skin that extended from the end of
> its crest down along its neck or is it purely conjecture (& a stroke of
> artistic license?)

I believe it's hypothetical.

Mickey Mortimer