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T Rex got bad rap * Mass-extinction controversy flares again * Most ancient DNA ever? * Meat-eating dinosaur's footprints found in Portugal

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**  T Rex got bad rap
The scientists even answered why vultures still exist and why nothing like
the T Rex, a terrestrial predator, roams the plains

**  Mass-extinction controversy flares again
Gerta Keller of Princeton University in New Jersey says that she has found
microfossils there hinting that abundant plankton survived for at least
300,000 years after the impact.

**  Super-freezing tells age of lead artifacts
Carbon-14's half-life is about 5,730 years, and by measuring carbon isotope
ratios inside an artifact such as a dinosaur bone, scientists can roughly
determine its age


**  Investors Sought For Japanese Jurassic Theme Park
The theme park will feature dinosaur replicas 7 to 8 meters high as well as
a real fossil jawbone of a tyrannosaurus rex, or T-rex, to be brought from a
U.S. museum for the event

**  Most ancient DNA ever?
The genetic material is probably three or four times older than any other
ancient DNA found on the planet

**  Visiting The Dinosaur Era
With more than 30 displays, you are introduced to many different periods in
the dino era

**  Meat-eating dinosaur's footprints found in Portugal
Hundreds of fossilised footprints belonging to flesh-eating dinosaurs have
been found for the first time in Portugal, the daily Publico reported

**  Celebrating the Great Fossil Hunters
New Zealand's fossil elite gathered for breakfast in Wellington on Monday,
to celebrate the events that brought the world's first recognised dinosaur
fossil to New Zealand more than a century ago

**  Paleo crime doesn't pay; fossil thief sentenced
Some of the fossil specimens were recovered, including a rare Camarasaurus
dinosaur skull, a cast of which is on display at the Tate Museum in Casper,

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