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Re: On the Issue of Beaks in Avepectorans (Long)

> Kris Kripchak (MariusRomanus@aol.com) wrote: 
> <(But remember Jaime, that Larsus, [...]> 
>   The common gull genus (and I assume the taxon to which the mandbile 
> belonged) is *Larus* sp., not "Larsus". 
Well, when we are already talking about typos, you shifted the y from 
Apterygiformes to Strigiformes: 
> In anseriforms and apterigiforms, [...] strygiforms and 
> caprimulgiforms+apodiforms (sensu lato), coraciiforms, etc.). 
I could also mention that Coraciiformes and Caprimulgiformes are being 
destroyed, as HP Darren Naish has mentioned. 
On another note, some post has implied that I think that the alternative 
to a beak are feathered gums. I prefer feathered lips, though this way 
we're getting into the discussion if any dinosaurs had lips... 
Of course the fact that feathers extend to the dorsal end of the pmx in 
*Eoenantiornis* doesn't show that the very tip of the snout was also 
feathered. But, taking into account that the lack of anything at the tip 
of the snout could be an artifact of preparation (guessed it, I haven't 
seen the fossil, or a good photo), I don't think it shows the opposite 

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