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Re: Lovelock Cave, Nevada?

On Fri, 18 Apr 2003 Afmayor@aol.com wrote:
> I'm seeking information and comments about the following report: 
>  In 1911, a bat guano mining company discovered the fossil remains of several 
> giant creatures in a cave about 20 miles southwest of Lovelock, Nevada, and 
> about 70 miles northeast of Reno.
> The remains were said to be mummified, with reddish hair. The miners tossed 
> out the bones, but locals salaged some, which were stored in a shed that 
> later burned down. One skull from the cave was measured to be about a foot 
> tall: the skull and other large bones were said to be preserved in the 
> Humboldt County Museum and at the Nevada State Historical Society museum in 
> Reno. 
> In 1911, the remains were identified as those of "red-haired giants," 
> described in Paiute Indian myths. I'm guessing that the remains belonged to 
> Pleistocene mammals (Columbian mammoth skeletons recently came to light in 
> the Black Rock Desert northwest of Winnemucca, prepared by the DRI in Reno). 
> Questions: Does any paleontologist have knowledge of this find? Have the 
> salvaged remains been identified? Is it possible that mummified Ice Age 
> remains could be mummified, with bits of hair, in a cave of that area?
> Many thanks in advance for any knowledge, suggestions, or comments.

I did a google search using the terms     lovelock  nevada  bones

Close to 300 hits. Looks like something close to Land of the Crackpots.


 In 1911, several mummified remains of mysterious red-haired humans
 ranging from 2-2.5 meters(6 1/2 to over 8 feet) tall were disinterred in
 Lovelock cave, 112 kilometers (70 miles) north-east of Reno, Nevada, by a
 guano mining operation. These substantiated the local Piute Indians'
 legends of such people, which they called the Si-Te-Cahs. Yet scientists
 proved oddly reluctant to investigate these remains and eventually most
 the bones were simply discarded by the miners. What was left was salvaged by 
 local people, only for most of it to be destroyed when the shed they were
 kept in caught fire and burned to the ground. However, one of the
 Lovelock skulls, almost 1 foot tall, is preserved with some related bones and
 artifacts at the Humboldt County Musuem in Winnemucca, Nevada, and
 various Lovelock artifacts are also held at the Nevada State Historical 
 musuem in Reno.

and other links refer to these as bones of the Nephilim (oooh)

but ya never know...