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Re: New Jeholornis specimen

> > Zhonghe Zhou and Fucheng Zhang: 
> > Jeholornis compared to Archaeopteryx, with a new understanding of the 
> > earliest avian evolution 
Wonderful. Wonderful... just right now, right today, while I'm coding that 
animal for my analysis of K birds. Aaaah... and extra info on *Sapeornis*, 
too. It's so great :-) 
> They confirm the absence of premaxillary and maxillary teeth, but one  
> has a couple dentary teeth. 
While *Shenzhouraptor* is said to have premaxillary teeth, right? 
> The scapula is squared off distally, not tapered as originally reported. 
> The coracoid foramen is medially displaced as in enantiornithines and 
> Apsaravis. 
And can someone tell me if the articulation between scapula and coracoid 
is as in Enantiornithes (peg on the coracoid in a socket in the scapula) 
or in Euornithes (peg on the scapula in a socket in the coracoid)? 
(*Rahonavis*, *Longipteryx* and *Eocathayornis* have the enantiornithine 
condition.) While I am at it, can someone confirm the euornithine 
condition in *Otogornis*, and tell me which one *Jibeinia* and 
*Protopteryx* have? 
> The hallux is reversed as preserved. 
Hm... it's pretty long, but mt I is located as high up on mt II as in 
Archie, and the claw of I points the same way as the others... 
The tail is really interesting. 

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