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Titanis paper request

I am very interested in the Phorusrhacids but have been able to find little 
current *or historic* information about them on the internet. I did manage to 
find refs for Titanis though. If anyone has either of these papers and would be 
willing to share them I would appreciate it very much.

Baskin, J. A. 1995. The giant flightless bird Titanis walleri (Aves: 
Phorusrhacidae) from the Pleistocene coastal plain of South Texas. Journal of 
Vertebrate Paleontology 15: 842-844. 

Chandler,The wing of Titanis walleri (Aves: Phorusrhacidae) from the late 
Blancan of Florida.  Bulletin Florida Museum Natural History, Biological 
Sciences Series, 36(6): 175-180. 

also if anyone knows of or has any other for Titanis, Andalgalornis, Tolmodus 
or other Phorusrhacids papers feel free to send them over.

Thanks for your time!,