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Bayesian phylogeny

I would like to know if any one of you all  on this
list (Mickey Mortimer/Jaime Headden?) have used
Bayesian inference for reconstruction of phylogenies
using the same data matrices that you use for the
parsimony analysis. I have spoken to some friends who
tried this out (of course on non-dinosaurian data) and
believe that it provides a good alternative framework
to infer phylogeny. Especially because Bayesian
statistics in more intutive  in terms of understanding
what a branch may mean. They were using a program
called MrBayes that can use the same nexus matrix as

A good primer on these methods is available here:

If any one is interested in trying out a matrix I
would be happy to test as I have the program installed
and figured out, at least for molecular sequences.

On another note can anybody recommend good Dinosaur
bearing museums in India?

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