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Osteocalcin and dinosaur DNA

I was just reading some older postings and would like to ask if there
is anything new about:
1.) Muyzer et al. 1992 study concerning the possibilities of
detecting and extracting protein osteocalcin from dinosaur bones
using PCR. IIRC there were three samples tested, -Lambeosaurus"F38"-
(75.5 Ma old); -Pachyrhinosaurus"F39"- (73.25 Ma) and indet. mat.
coded "F33". I didn't read the study, just an article in the
newspapers, so I might be wrong somehow. It says that there was
positive immunological reaction in laboratory rats when powdered bone
material was injected, some kind of antibodies was produced. Also the
measurements of Gla/Glu ratio showed presence of osteocalcin in all
three samples.
2.) "Spherical structures" resembling a red blood cells from T. rex
(Ph.D. Schweitzer's research). I know there was a long debate about
this, but it ends somehow in 1998 (?) archives. Is there just single
molecule of globin protein preserved with 3-4 aminoacids as
previously stated, or could the whole hemoglobine molecule(-s) be
preserved (as indicated by the manner of immunological reaction of
laboratory rats producing the exact anti-hemoglobine antibodies)?
Also, is it true that some parts of dinosaur bone (femur?) were not
mineralised but were in fact original bone? How is that possible
65-70 Ma after fossilization?

Last question is: Of course we can't clone a dinosaur. But if we can 
extract enough osteocalcin material from bones of various dinosaur
species to do a DNA sequencing and compare the outcoming sequences
afterwards, will that reveal e.g. the level of relativness between
dinosaur species, genera, clades? Could it, hypothetically, resolve
the taxonomic problems like "Is _Seismosaurus hallorum_ valid genus
or is it a species of Diplodocus?"

I'm not microbiology or genetics expert, so please excuse my
incidental errors. Thanks for any comments. Vlad

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