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Re: New Jeholornis specimen

Greg Paul wrote:
<Well this is nice.>

To which Jaime Headden wrote:
  Isn't it, though?

Certainly it is.

Has anyone tested to see where _Jeholornis_ falls now that we have more information on it? It would be interesting to see if the new information changes anything.

Also, was anyone able to download the supplementary information from Naturwissenschaften? I haven't. The link is at- http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00114-003-041605

An interesting note from the paper is that Larry Martin seems to consider _Microraptor_ to be a flightless bird. I wonder if that was in reference to _M. zhaoianus_ or _M. gui_.

Nick Gardner Paleoartist AIM Eoraptor22

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