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DVPS April Meeting Speaker - Paul Nash on Cretaceous Amber

The Delaware Valley Paleontological Society
(In conjunction with their regular monthly meeting)

Exciting New Discoveries in Cretaceous Amber
Deposits in Mayanmar (Burma) versus New Jersey Plus, an Expedition to
Northern Alaska

Featured Speaker: Paul Nash

Paul is on staff at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC, where he
conducts laboratory and field research on ancient organisms preserved in
amber and sedimentary rock, primarily from the Mesozoic Era. As
?Collections Specialist? in Paleoentomology, he was one of the principal
excavators at the New Jersey amber site, recovering numerous specimens in
amber for the American Museum, and developed a method to prepare & conserve
amber specimens for museum collections. He has also traveled to Wyoming and
northern Alaska in search of amber and plans to visit Spanish deposits in
May. Paul is past president of the New York Paleontological Society, and
recently co-authored a paper with David Grimaldi & Michael Engel, entitled:
?Fossiliferous Cretaceous Amber from Myanmar (Burma): Its Rediscovery,
Biotic Diversity, and Paleontological Significance,? which appeared in
American Museum Novitates, No. 3361, March 26, 2002.

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2003
Time: 7:30 P.M.
Place: The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Philadelphia, 19th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The Commons Room,
19th St. Entrance, (215) 299-1019 (Free and open to the public.)
Discussion immediately following the lecture
For further information contact DVPS Vice-President Patti Kane-Vanni at
pkv1@erols.com, or our website at www.DVPS.org

Patricia Kane-Vanni,
pkv1@erols.com or paleopatti@hotmail.com

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.  Small people
always do that, but really great ones make you feel that you too, can become
great." - Mark Twain