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Mongolian troodontids

Mongolian  troodontids
   I  have several questions about the mongolian troodontids.
1) Does anybody know something about the following paper:
Norell, M.A., J.M.Clark, P.J. Makovicky, R.Barsbold and T.Rowe. A revision of 
2) Does anybody know something about the referred specimen ( IGM 100/2) of 
Saurornithoides junior?
3) What are the referred specimens of Byronosaurus jaffei?
   Can anybody send me the following paper please: P. J. Macovicky, M. A. 
Norell, J. M. Clark, and T. Rowe. 2003. Osteology and Relationships of  
Byronosaurus jaffei (Theropoda: Troodontidae). Please send this paper to 
 Thanks a lot in advance!
P.S. I ve got an article about the fist finding of a coelurosaurian dinosaur in 
Moscow region. If anybody wants to know more about this article write me.

e-mail: georgemirantsev@mail.ru