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Books 4 U, Art and Otherwise

Bill Stout has just published _The Charles R. Knight Scketchbook Vol.3_. A 
detail of the charcoal study for the Tyrannosaurus lithograph in _Life 
Through the Ages_ is on the cover. It can be ordered from Bud Plant Comic Art 
at 1-800-242-6642 or on eBay under "Charles Knight". Stout hasn't added it to 
his website catalog yet, but I imagine it will be there soon.
I just happened to bump into another book by accident that slipped in under 
my radar. It's _Jurassic Classics_ a collection of essays and other pieces by 
Don Glut published by McFarland in 2001. I enjoyed it very much. There's an 
important essay on Knight, Tyrannosaurus in the Public Eye, Tracking 
"Trachodon", and King Kong and other movie adventures (like the animation 
models in Don's "Dinosaur Valley Girls"). 27 essays in all and 
well-illustrated with some rare photos. Take a look at Amazon.com. Copies 
begin at about $6.
Princeton University Press has recently published two lavish volumes that 
will interest the artists here. Lars Jonsson is my candidate for premiere 
bird artist working today. His book, _Birds and Light_, is a collection of 
some of the most superb paintings of birds in their environment you will ever 
see. These are very "painterly" paintings, though. Don't expect photographs 
in oil paint, although there are numerous plates from his European field 
guides that are in fine focus. Go here for a peek (his Caspian Terns are 
especially nice): http://pup.princeton.edu/titles/7443.html
Princeton's other book is _Frederic Remington: The Color of Night_by Nancy 
Anderson, published in conjunction with the National Gallery of Art and its 
exhibition of the same name. Just a few years before his untimely death, 
Remington developed into one of America's greatest impressionist painters. 
This study beautifully documents his moonlit scenes that inspired great 
admiration when shown in the early 1900's. With a few exceptions by Burian ( 
http://www.petr-hejna.cz/BURIAN/048.JPG ), Hallett and Henderson this motiff 
is seldom used in restoration art. Here's the huge website for the exhibit, 
don't miss it:
Both Princeton books are about $35 at Amazon. DV