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Palaeontologist chills out * Fossil Traffic Jam * Dinosaur Head Smuggling Operation * Western Canada's Oldest Dinosaur Bones *

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**  Feature Site: Palaeontology Fieldwork
The past few years has seen a rejuvenation of the University of Utah's
vertebrate palaeontology field excavations

**  Palaeontologist chills out in Antarctica
Zinsmeister, once a California surfer, now spends much of his time working
on his research of evolutionary processes in the Southern Hemisphere

**  Wyoming's Real Jurassic Park: 130 Years of Dinosaur Research
In particular, foundational work done in Wyoming and the surrounding states
in the 19th century helped bolster the emergence of dinosaur palaeontology


**  Toll road yields fossil traffic jam
The tiny, shrew-like creature might have scratched out a precarious
existence along an ancient shoreline, doing its best to dodge hungry

**  Pieces come together
But what he had stumbled on were the remains - about 40 percent complete -
of a 65.5 million-year-old triceratops

**  Dinosaurs of a feather
The palaeontologist is among many who have searched from Mongolia to the
Sahara trying to piece together the link between all modern-day birds and
distant dinosaurs

**  Team set to extract set of dinosaur bones
A team of palaeontologists will work this summer to extract what could be
the remains of Western Canada's oldest dinosaur bones from a canyon near
Tumbler Ridge in northeast British Columbia

**  Dinosaur centre set to make zoo world leader
The developer wants to create a museum leading to the fossil-rich Stores
Cavern at the foot of Castle Hill

**  Dinosaur exhibit back on track
Locals and visitors flocked to the world's only known dinosaur stampede site
after a massive effort by construction teams and palaeontologists to have
the area ready

**  Investigation into dinosaur head smuggling operation
The fossilised head of a dinosaur has been discovered in a shipment
container by customs officers at an Argentinean airport

**  The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is offering this opportunity
through its Junior Palaeontology Program.
The Junior Palaeontology Program, part of The Children's Museum's $25
million "Dinosphere: Now You're In Their World" exhibit opening in 2004, is
one of the most comprehensive youth palaeontology programs offered by a
children's museum anywhere in the United States.

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