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M. Anton illustrations (was RE: BRITISH DINOSAURS SEMINAR)

> From: owner-dinosaur@usc.edu [mailto:owner-dinosaur@usc.edu]On Behalf Of
> Danvarner@aol.com
>        I've seen Anton's studies and he does very careful work. He has an
> thorough understanding of animal anatomy to which I can attest,
> having an old
> sabertooth painting of mine critiqued (read disembowled) by him. Some of
> Mauricio's plates in the new book are from paintings done many
> years ago now.
> He's come a long way since then and his pencil studies in the book are
> superb. Everyone's a critic, take it for what it's worth...not much. DV

Dovetailing (Confuciusornis-tailing, whatever) onto Dan's comments, I'd like
to add that (at least as far as this dinosaur paleontologist is concerned),
Anton's illustrations are magnificent.

Granted, I do not have the background in therapsid anatomy that Ian Jenkins
does, but I found  the various critters very realistic (particularly the
black-and-whites as compared to the color paintings).  There is a wealth of
info in that book, and plenty of surprises.  For example, I had no idea
_Palaeotherium_ (which holds a place in the history of the study of
mammalian paleontology about what _Mosasaurus_ does in reptilian paleo) was
as okapi-like as it was.

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